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Product introduction

SIIOT Industrial Internet of Things Platform (referred to as: SIIOT) is based on many years of SCADA multi-industry delivery experience and deep integration of IIOT novel technology advantages, to create an industrial Internet data base to support the overall solution of enterprise digital transformation。SIIOT products have been polished and practiced by 70+ technicians, 5 years and 100+ projects,Widely used in process, new energy, manufacturing equipment, pan electronics, PCB, pan furniture and other industries,Provide target customers with a unified data collection platform,Management formula distribution,Traceability of quality inspection,Integrated solutions for scenarios such as digital twin cockpits and refined management of energy efficiency。

Positioning and value proposition


SIIOT Industrial Internet of Things Platform (referred to as: SIIOT) is to open up the last kilometer of industrial equipment iot, unify the data mining platform, create the industrial Internet data base, and support the overall solution of enterprise digital transformation。

Value proposition

Unified data acquisition platform, break OT data boundary, achieve soft scheduling between devices

Achieve IT/OT data integration, break the system information island

Support equipment-level process/quality/work order/energy consumption traceability

Improve the level of industrial site automation

Achieve device-level field digital twin perspective

Reduce the difficulty of cross-system application data integration development

Pain point analysis


Functional map


Features and advantages


Business application value


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