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Functional features and service capabilities

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Comprehensive operation and maintenance capability

1. Connection ability

2. Service ability

3. Collection ability

4. Optimize ability

Value enhancement

1, change the enterprise after-sales data&Service "broken, coarse, interrupted" status

2, break through the traditional after-sales service positioning and content limitations

3. Promote the transformation of after-sales service to the role of "sharing service resources + service value-added"

Total solution

SIE-CSS after-sales management system is responsible for providing customers with perfect after-sales service management and maintaining good customer relations, which occupies an important position in the enterprise management system。The system can connect with the customer service call center, receive customer calls and automatically bounce the screen, convenient to enter the after-sales service process。Connect with enterprise ERP system to share and interact with customer, product and spare parts data。System docking with partners, can undertake after-sales service business。Interconnecting with the system of dealers or third-party service providers can realize outsourcing and data sharing of after-sales service business。 

SIE-CSS after-sales management system is a refined management of the whole process of after-sales business,Powerful function,A flexible and scalable system,It has the characteristics of visualization, humanization, intelligence and automation,360° statistical analysis of data,Let data aid decision making,It can meet the current and future business development needs of rapidly growing enterprises。Saiyi provides refined, automated and intelligent management of the whole process of after-sales service。Greatly improve the efficiency of service operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction。In addition, we offer highly personalized solutions to our customers。

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