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Production control of man, machine, material, method and environment with work order as the main axis

Less and more varieties of production requirements on the production process requirements are getting higher and higher, more and more fierce competition leads to lower and lower profits, higher cost control requirements, higher and higher production quality requirements, management of the production process of people, machines, materials, law, the impact of the ring on production is particularly important。

Product introduction

SMES - Building a nervous system for enterprise-class smart factories

Concept: Through the two-state management of manufacturing elements (static and dynamic) to achieve the three-order value of manufacturing site, to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency

 SMES (SIE) Manufacturing Execution Saiyi Manufacturing execution System is responsible for the whole life cycle management of the entire production business process, taking human, machine, material, method, environment and measurement as management objects and KPI Performance appraisal as a means,Batch flow and production plan execution management as the main line,Help enterprises rationally arrange production scheduling, optimize process flow, improve product quality, strengthen workshop logistics management, reduce energy consumption, reduce inventory, and reduce costs,Achieve lean production and fine management,Comprehensively enhance and improve the manufacturing capacity of enterprises,And real-time data query and analysis function,Provide decision support to business management and leadership,To respond quickly and accurately to market changes,Comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises。

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