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Positioning and value proposition

定位: Construction of industry black light factory level high standard smart factory。

Value proposition: Sifang Cloud MES can support high standard smart factories up to the unmanned factory level,It can achieve comprehensive automated dispatch, automated scheduling, automated formula distribution and equipment monitoring, as well as production management,Production process management,WIP management,Q-time management,Luggage management,Yield management,EMapping management,Tool management,Equipment management,Outsourcing management and other comprehensive MES functions。

Product blueprint


Features and advantages

Sifang Cloud MES is the only manufacturing execution system in the PCB industry that can achieve complete data sharing and integration with ERP systems,Integration through ERP and MES,The traditional way to interact through a large number of data interfaces is avoided,Problems can not be quickly located and other shortcomings,At the same time, all the businesses are connected more closely。

Business application value

●ERP+MES platform integration: no interface between systems to transfer data

●工程&Process digitization: MES integrates engineering design to realize the integration of design and manufacturing

● Equipment iot automation: automatic control, formula delivery, equipment status, dynamic rate analysis

● Manufacturing digitalization: QMS quality management, whole process traceability, APS automatic production scheduling, electronic Kanban

● Logistics automation: Through EAP and equipment interconnection, and AGV interconnection, logistics automation

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