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Positioning and value proposition

定位: Sky survey APS is based on production site equipment and tools, materials,Manufacturing processes that produce work orders, orders, and products,And the scheduling of the production,Work with the rules of dispatch,Under the premise of meeting resource constraints,Balance various production resources in the production process,Give the best production scheduling plan for different production processes,To achieve fast alignment of rapid response to changes in demand。

Value proposition: APS simulates the expected completion date of each work order and the production and manufacturing situation of each process and each equipment every day through the scheduling algorithm, and further obtains the daily production plan, so as to realize the virtual chemical plant of the computer system and fully automatic production scheduling。

Product blueprint

The core function modules of APS system include: order signing and production, supply and demand balance, production scheduling, production scheduling, delivery simulation, report analysis system and so on。

Data model:


Features and business advantages

The sky survey APS system is a fully automatic scheduling system that can support the work order and equipment level in the electronic circuit board and IC packaging substrate industry,It has been widely used in many leading enterprises in many industries,It can significantly improve the operation rate of equipment resources and optimize the delivery rate of products;APS scheduling system has accumulated more than ten years of experience in the industry,It integrates a large number of production scheduling rules that meet the characteristics of the industry,Can be quickly imported and online。

Business application value


Customer case


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