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Product introduction, positioning, value proposition

Saiyi Logistics Executive Management platform - Focus on process manufacturing, reduce labor costs, plug security loopholes, improve efficiency。

IC card or two-dimensional code as the information carrier,Open up the information barriers of various business links of enterprises,Horizontally pull through service scenarios,Vertical integration between management and devices or devices,Realize data collaboration,Covers: orders, merchants, drivers, access control, weighing, warehouse, quality inspection, production and other business links of personnel and equipment。Pull through enterprise procurement logistics, in-plant logistics and sales execution logistics to achieve integrated and transparent logistics management and control。After nearly 20 years of implementation, the team has achieved the delivery and landing of many application scenarios, providing customers with continuous core competitiveness。Products in the process manufacturing business, such as metallurgy, coal chemical, petrochemical, thermal power, building materials, food and other fields have a wide range of applications。


Pain point analysis

Functional map

The system covers the management of the complete business process of raw material procurement into the factory logistics, intra-factory transfer logistics, and finished product sales ex-factory logistics。The system supports logistics information management, automobile transportation control, and ship batch management。


Product advantage

Empower the enterprise: Through professional services, to provide customers with overall logistics solutions, to achieve management transparency, refinement and standardization。


Business application value


Create an "all-in-one card" for enterprise logistics business, and realize the integrated management and control of materials entering, leaving and transferring inside the warehouse


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