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PRODUCTProduct center

Positioning and value proposition

定位:To realize the systematic improvement of enterprise quality traceability, control and prevention。


Value proposition:Support the realization of fully automatic intelligent detection equipment detection data collection, as well as the realization of a comprehensive quality data collection based on the PDA mobile terminal, to achieve a comprehensive electronic paperless quality management system。

SPC Statistical Process Control:


Product blueprint


Features and advantages

QMS functions and core advantages: The functions cover IQC incoming material inspection, IPQC/FA, chemical laboratory, material laboratory, COC shipment report, finished product inspection, MRB inspection, supplier qualification recognition, SPC statistical process control, etc。

Business application value

Based on Sifang Cloud II ERP framework, increase ERP quality management (laboratory) and process document management, use QMS production process recording system and equipment interconnection system to achieve comprehensive traceability management of 6 dimensions of man-machine material measurement in PCB production process, and meet the needs of customers。

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