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Custom home industry marketing channels and production model innovation

Custom home industry is ushering in a comprehensive digital, information, intelligent, collaborative revolution。In this era of change, who lags behind, will soon be eliminated by the market, and take the lead in completing industry 4.0 upgraded enterprises will maintain competitive advantages in this fierce market competition。

Custom home business pain point analysis

With the changes in the internal and external environment of the enterprise, the custom home industry is undergoing a process from extensive development to fine management, and the development of the enterprise is facing the following challenges:

Home design and production integrated solutions

"Design and production integration" information system will become the core competitiveness of enterprises,The efficient operation of "design-production" solves the fatal pain points of the custom home industry - delivery cycle, production efficiency and precision production problems (product missing, missing, less, wrong),This is also the fundamental reason for restricting the rapid development of the whole house customization industry。

In the whole house customization scenario, Saiyi intelligent manufacturingMOMsolution

Saiyi intelligent manufacturing MOM solution is to establish a comprehensive manufacturing operation digital management platform MOM for enterprises, connecting the front and back end, so that the goal of the enterprise is not only the application of the business, but the digitalization of the whole scene, the whole process and the whole system of the enterprise。

Saiyi provides enterprise management information implementation services for customized home enterprise customers

Customer cases of Saiyi in the custom home industry

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