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一、Provide core portfolio for home appliance enterprises"Fist" solution to help enterprises digital transformation and upgrading

(一)Enterprise middle desk solution

Governance, organization and management, intelligent analysis five in one, the data is provided to the front desk applications in the form of services, in order to improve the efficiency of business operation, continue to promote business innovation as the goal, in the form of shared services, to build the whole ecology of enterprise output, and fully help the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the home appliance industry。

Overall structure of Saiyi enterprise middle desk:To achieve data-driven business operations, all business data, all data business。Data center X Business Center -- Enterprise center。

(2) omni-channel marketing management solutions

CMS omni-channel operation platform is a deep management work platform for enterprises to realize orders, goods, inventory, membership and promotion,帮助Companies use a single management center to process, control and dispatch orders from customer touchpoints across all channels, simplify omnichannel operations and management, and provide an omnichannel marketing ecosystem for brands, retailers or distributorsIT支持,Cover the core functions of a variety of enterprise systems,It can help home appliance enterprises to enhance their competitiveness in the omni-channel scenario。

(3) Intelligent manufacturing solutions

2024欧洲杯足彩正规平台·SMOM manufacturing operation management platform, based on the design concept of digital and intelligent factory, provides enterprises with an integrated information solution of intelligent operation management, and helps enterprises to lay a solid foundation from "digital factory" to "intelligent factory"。Business managers can use the SMOM system,Meet customer needs,Purchasing support,Manufacturing services and order delivery to each business unit,Information island between operation unit and operation unit;Operate digitally,Help enterprises achieve efficient internal and external collaboration;Through IT information technology,OT basic operation technology,CT communication technology integration,Improve product quality,Reduce operating costs,Let operators control the enterprise in all aspects,Respond quickly to market changes,Achieve business management and operation objectives,And create supply chain integration competitive advantage!

(4) EnterprisesERP management solution

ERP is the core backbone system of enterprise informatization. The robustness of ERP will lay a solid foundation for enterprise digital transformation, and is an irreplaceable prerequisite for the development of enterprise digitalization to breadth and depth。Enterprise passERPThe application of process, information and integration, to achieve a high degree of integration of logistics, capital flow and information flow, to realize the interconnection of information in the upstream and downstream links of the value chain, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to digital intelligent enterprises。Sai Yi after twenty years in the home appliance industryERPThe accumulation of implementation experience provides a full range of home appliance enterprisesSAPORACEL 两大ERPSolutions to provide enterprises with successful experience in informatization, while integrating mature business experienceERPThe implementation of the application。通过EThe application of RP system provides powerful information tools for operation managers at all levels of enterprises, and provides strong support for promoting management transformation, optimizing operation processes, improving efficiency, and ultimately achieving business growth。

Second, with excellence, create forward-looking and strategic customer value

(1) Classic case: enterprise middle desk solution

Solve enterprise data"Save", "pass" and "use" problems, a set of intelligent solutions tailored to the business scenarios of customers in the home appliance industry, is an integrated business, big data and AI as one, cross-channel intelligent middle desk, based on the value thinking of the "Internet +" era, empowering enterprises and enhancing competitiveness。

1. Typical business scenarios

2, enterprise overall solution

(二)Classic case: Omnichannel marketing management solution

全面Achieve orders, goods, inventory, membership, promotion of the depth of management, help家电Companies use a single management center to process, control and dispatch orders from customer touchpoints across all channels, simplify omnichannel operations and management, and provide an omnichannel marketing ecosystem for brands, retailers or distributorsITSupport, coverIts interiorThe core functions of a variety of systems help enterprises enhance their competitiveness in the omni-channel scenario。

(三)Classic case: Intelligent manufacturing solutions

How can we quickly catch up and close the gap with industry benchmarks, continuously improve product quality, reduce manufacturing supply chain costs, and react quickly to unpredictable market opportunities?Sai Yi help a well-known home appliance manufacturing enterprise A well-known home appliance manufacturing enterprise to“智能+Internet "and" Products+Service "double"+The main direction of strategic transformation is to provide a set of platforms with high availability, open support platforms, customizable applications, and technologically forward-looking "manufacturing execution systems" to achieve digitally-driven operations, process and business improvement and model innovation, and open up research and development-Supply chain-生产-The full value chain of marketing to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and generate benefits。The original digital project will be upgraded and reconstructed to open up the "information island" between each module, quickly catch up with the gap between the industry benchmark, and comprehensively plan the digital factory!

(4) Classic case: Enterprise ERP management solution

Enterprise ERP implementation includes from research and development to product, market to order, planning, production,The end-to-end process of the whole business value chain from procurement to payment, production to cost control, sales to collection, investment to assets, accounting to statements is connected and improved,To achieve a high degree of integration and unification of enterprise logistics, information flow, capital flow, document flow and approval flow。Realize the seamless integration of ERP and various business systems to form a closed loop of business processes。It not only avoids the overlap, breakpoints and omissions of the overall business process of the enterprise, but also improves the efficiency and risk control of the entire business chain and value chain of the enterprise。It can meet the information management and control needs of middle and senior management of enterprises and lay a solid foundation for digital operation of enterprises。

Be with excellence

Be with excellence

Create forward-looking and strategic customer value

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