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Real estate industry solutions

Sai Yi real estate industry solutions overview


Real estate is typically tightIn the centralized industry, the overall business is centered on project management, and the company's management and control is mainly based on the centralized control of the headquarters. Therefore, the following challenges are faced in the operation management: how to quickly copy the successful project experience to reduce the operating cost; 如何打通总部、区域及项目公司之间管理链条; 在规模扩张中如何控制风险; 如何提升企业与规划、施工、银行、客户的协同效率; 粗放经营向精细化经营方式转化; 全国性、集团化企业的管理半径加大和管理深度加深。

New technologies are constantly promoting social progress,It is also breaking the traditional, solidified and obsolete business models and working methods of many industries;Integration through digital technology,More and more real estate enterprises have begun to re-examine their IT capabilities,Construct a new enterprise digital neural network to realize enterprise digital transformation and innovation,Repositioning the value of management information technology at a strategic level,With the help of digital transformation to build the core competitiveness of enterprises in the new era。



      Saiyi Information has been deeply engaged in enterprise informatization construction services for many years, and has successfully served more than 500 high-quality enterprise customers。The overall solution of Saiyi real estate industry is to fully combine the business management experience of real estate enterprises and integrate it into the real estate industry solution, providing a complete set of best application practices covering all business links。According to the business process of the real estate industry, the program can be subdivided into: operation management, design management, plan management, recruitment management, cost management, project management, sales management, commercial property service management and master data management。

Real estate industry 1.png


1, financial accounting management (Oracle EBS, SAP

2, total budget management (Oracle HFM, LucaNET

3, consolidated report management (Oracle HFM, LucaNET

4, cost control management (SIE-EMS)

5Recruitment management (Oracle SRM and SIE-SRM

6Engineering project management (Oracle P6, SIE-IEM)

7, master data management (Stibo

8, Human Resource Management (Oracle Peoplesoft, Kronos

9, e-commerce platform (SIE-EC)

10, operation and maintenance services

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